Strona główna Na wysokich obrotach Ford Expedition vs Chevy Suburban RST: The (Not So) Great Race Part 1 z 2

Ford Expedition vs Chevy Suburban RST: The (Not So) Great Race Part 1 z 2

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    1. They don’t get to choose the vehicles a dealer or manufacturer gives them to test/review. They talked about it in a previous video. I agree with it’s a wierd match up but it’s out of their control. RST looks good but not for that kind of money smh..

  1. Great vid (fantastic production)! Chucking in the goofy side adventures was an awesome ideathough I don’t know how I’ll ever scrub that Baywatch run from my mind.

  2. Świetny film! I can’t wait to watch part 2. Being from Manitoba, Kanada, I enjoyed seeing the oversize load with Manitoba plates that team windy dogs passed at 21:34. Wyjaœniaæ ten wielki praca.

  3. This why I firmly believe that TFL makes the best auto videos. You guys take so much effort into making every video! And btw In and Out is great!!!


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