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Nissan R32 Skyline – Forbidden Fruit – Fast Blast Review | Everyday Driver

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Nissan's precious R32 Skyline is actually right now outdated sufficient to be imported right into the United States, but is it worth it? The fellas delight in the Right-Hand-Drive insanity from a GTS-4 and explain the auto, the proprietor, and the pros and cons from producing a traditional.

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  1. I like these fastblasts better than the tv show because it seems like a no nonsense/dramatic music/extrastuff that you guys don’t need. I enjoy all your guys’ content but the stripped down stuff, just you guys and a car, is what i like best.

    1. Exactly my feeling too. That’s why I enjoy channels like Smoking Tire and Nick Murray. There’s no fluff – just the cars. Davide Cironi Drive Experience has VERY good content too. You just have to wait a little for him to do english subs after the videos are released as he speaks italien.

    1. Z32 buddies! Do you have a 2 seater or a 2+2? I will say the R32 (in RWD trim) makes drifting as easy as breathing, whereas the Z32 2-seater, well it’s nimble as hell but a real handful to slide around.

      I would love to put an RB20DET in the Z32 (there is a kit for it) but alas, CA smog…

  2. the single most “frustrating/funny” thing when switching from LHD to RHD are the blinker/wipers controls.

    1. Luckily the skyline puts the wipers on a knob, not a stalk, so you don’t accidentally hit the wipers when you go to turn.

  3. That’s an amazing first car. Quite a challenge, but a great first car to have.
    My first was a 96 4Runner with 150K Miles on it.

    1. I am a sports car guy, through and through. I don’t like tall ride heights, I don’t like trucks and SUV’s, I don’t like automatic tranmissions. But when I drove a co-worker’s 96 4runner 4cylinder automatic, I loved it. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I really dig the car.

  4. It’s so funny thinking about how we constantly crave and wait for manufacturers to make cars that have more communicative brakes and steering – how we want them to make exhausts that make the engines sound better. How we want them to make special models of their cars that give us more driver involvement. It is all there for us if we just go back to older cars. I get why a Jaguar XK-R or a Porsche 911 turbo S is fun. It’s just that a Peugeot 205 gti from the nineties or something similar can provide just as much driving pleasure and only for a fraction of the price.

    1. Jonas Rosenven only in video games you can have that. Car makers make cars that avg people drives. Road communication is a big no no.

    2. So often on the Car Debate they are trying to get people into cars that are less than 10 years old because people are afraid of old cars. But if you’re a keen driver, have decent parking flexibility, and know which side of a torque wrench goes on a bolt, its way worth it to have a couple of old cars rather than new ones. I’ve got a 1991 300zx and a 1985 RX-7. The RX-7 makes driving feel exciting at UNDER the speed limit, and the 300zx provides most of what you’d get from a GT86 at much less cost.

      Fun fact, the suspension geometry from the 300zx is identical to the rear-wheel drive R32, but the R32 is lighter with a narrower track.

  5. Was listening to the podcast a few days ago while driving, and I past a Phaeton and a Bolt. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t listening to the podcast

    1. Drive a car with an RB20DET and THEN tell me it’s not special. Nissan should have fired all their engineers (with 10 years of pay for a severance package) after making that engine, and put it in absolutely every car they made for the rest of time.

  6. First car? Damn he is a lucky guy.

    Hope you guys get a chance to drive the Q60, or god willing the next-gen Z whenever Nissan stops screwing around,

    1. Ben Chesterman that too is a pretty sweet first car especially at that price.

      Subaru’s hold their value really well out here was looking at a wrx before I settled on a g37.

  7. The “current” version of that car is the Q50 AWD Hybrid. The VR30DETT engine isn’t available in Japan.

  8. I wonder, can a RB26 run well without the turbo? I know it’ll lower the power, but is it possible to tune it so that it wouldn’t need a turbo?

    1. Neon Wave naturally. The RB26DETT is the ultimate engine for the GTRs from 1989-2003 when production ceased on the R34. Naturally people are gonna have greater interest in that high output engine as opposed to the lowly RB20

    2. Britton Wright Almost- it’s a GTS-4. Same engine as the GTS-t but with all wheel drive (and the extra 400 lbs curb weight that requires).


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