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McLaren Senna vs 720S | Part 1: 0-100mph-0 | Autocar

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Our experts tug ethnicity the McLaren Senna versus the 720S from 0-100mph-0 in the first episode of our four-part series. Exactly how far does the Senna relocate the activity on in terms of velocity and also stopping? Subscribe below to catch the rest of the series:

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    1. Yes plus the 720S is an amazing looking car. One of the best lines of any exotic out there ever made. The Senna IMHO is not attractive at all. They definitely put all form over function but I think that is a sacrifice that should not have been made. Street legal Cars gotta look good.

  1. I always said I’d buy the 911 Turbo S if I won the lottery. But in the last year I’ve changed my mind. 720S all day!

    1. I’ve driven both. 720S is MUCH better car. I’ve also owned a GT3 RS. Got rid of it and will be getting a 720S maybe next year. No comparison. 720S performance and looks beat the GT3 RS and GT2 RS and the 911 Turbo S. The Senna is fast but not attractive looking to me.

    2. teamvigod my dad owns a 675LT.
      He said he might get his 720S in march.
      He also buyed a 600LT for me next year to replace my 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

    1. In a straight line downforce/aero is useless it makes you slower because you produce more drag… Aero makes you in corners faster and slower in a straight line.
      the 720s is a bit heavier and thats why it has better traction in the first few meters, thats why it has won.

    1. Did you miss where it said the Senna is quicker to 100 mph? It stated that clearly. 5.40 secs for Senna vs 5.53 secs for 720. 720 hooks up better for the run to 60. After that the big boy Senna takes over.

    2. The Senna is much better overall. The 720a is only better 0-60. Would love to see a quarter mile drag race as well as a rolling race.

  2. Do we actually see a drag race between the two cars or is the “drag race” a stat comparison based on different track sessions (super lame if so)?

  3. Hmm anyone wonders why mclaren isn’t attempting a lap at the Nurburgring? Sure it isn’t because Aston martins valkyrie and mercedes amg project one would leave it on the dust… or is it?

  4. According to Fabspeed dyno a bone stock 720s produces 698hp at the wheels. This would mean that the car is producing close to 800hp at the crank.

  5. Wish the P1 ( my fav car ) was also involved but at least they are better than motortrend

    And hope the do a 1/4 or 1/2 mile drag race


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