Home Everyday Driver Legends: E30 M3 vs G50 Carrera 3.2 911 | Everyday Driver | TV Season 2 Episode 02

Legends: E30 M3 vs G50 Carrera 3.2 911 | Everyday Driver | TV Season 2 Episode 02

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The 1980s BMW M3 and Porsche 911 have gone through the roof in value and end up being legends amongst vehicle lovers. Within this second incident from Time 2, Paul and Todd drive them back to support to figure out exactly what makes all of them unique and which one they would certainly take home.

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  1. 22 min video with two of my favorite cars ever from one of my favorite channels? Don’t mind if I do. It sucks that both of these cars were once affordable and now are pretty much becoming unattainable for the average person. Especially if you actually want one in nice condition.

  2. Paul, you picked what….I’m shocked. I’m so surprised Todd didn’t fall over. If I wasn’t sitting down, I would have fallen over. It’s cool, I’ll pick the Porsche. Todd, bring Paul to the hospital ER for an MRI on his head. Obviously, he must have some kind of head trauma, lol. I hope you’re both having a good day, take care.

    1. Right now it has the e30 m3 springs and an m52b28. I love this car and the smile it puts on my face coming home from a hard day at work.

    2. TexasRedneck That’s awesome! I have been looking for a late model stock 325is as a daily and use my m3 as a weekend warrior.

  3. I have a 1987 E30 316 carburator, it’s only 90ch but it was my first car, I used it as a daily and each day was a pleasure to go to school !
    You’re right about spending money for the maintenance, I bought it only 1700€ (in France) but spent almost 3300€ fixing a lot of stuff… For a student it was hard but I would do it again if I had to 😉

    I drove it 2 years before switching it for a brand new mx-5 1.5L ND because of gasoline consumption with 100km/day i have for my first job (switched from 10L/100km to 6L/100km while keep driving with fun the foot to the floor)

    I’m happy with the miata, but i kept the E30 for week-end because it’s so much fun to drive, in a different way !

    Whenever I thought of selling the E30, I took it for a drive and after less than 10mn, i was like “Hell no, no way to sell it…” hahaha

    E30 forever 😉

  4. The modern day Subaru BRZ seems to be similar in ethos and specs to the E30 M3. How does it compare in dynamics, control weights and performance? Is it as much fun??

    1. I 100% agree with this actually. I love the E30 M3 but I love my BRZ. I think they are similar in a lot of ways. The BRZ feels way more modern but beyond that, they are fairly similar in terms of performance and dynamics. The other difference is the BRZ was designed as a sports car from inception whereas the E30 was turned into one.

    2. I think I would like my 86 more because of it being an actual sports car design vs a 2 door sedan design of the M3. My 86 now has the power of a e46 M3 but with e30 M3 weight and simplicity!

    3. I think the inline 4 twin cam 16v ae86 is more similar to the e30m3 than the BRZ/FRS/gt86. They, the ae86 and e30m3, are what BMW and Toyota based on in their modern cars and enthiasts have been urging. The ae86 and e30m3 prices have been rising year after year.

  5. Epic cars of the 80’s.. both with their own personality! The Honda S2000 is the most similar car of the “modern era” to this Icons

    1. Also the 86 has very similar layout, size, engine capacity, rev limit, power, weight and torque of the old M3..

  6. Great revisiting this one again after watching it on TV. Excellent video with great production values.

    On that note, I was wondering if you’ve ever considered moving to 4k HDR filming? With the great cinematography you guys have, it would be awesome to see it in even higher resolution (and more especially with the greater color depth of HDR). Just something to think about if you haven’t already! 😉

  7. Having had both these in the same years and models I can say that BMW was more fun to drive but the Porsche is what you wanted to be seen in.

  8. Two of my favorite cars from most likely my favorite period, from a driver’s car standpoint. Seeing this video makes me want to get something smaller than my BMW E60 M5 sitting in my garage.


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