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Lamborghini Urus 2018 Review | new Lambo 4×4 driven on and off-road | Autocar

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Shock, terror: Lamborghini has actually created a Sport Utility Vehicle. The brand-new Lamborghini Urus is the company's first off-roader given that the LM002, however this moment this's completely other. The twin-turbocharged V8 Urus is based on other VW-group Sport utility vehicles, like the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne as well as probably it's closest luxurious opponent, the Bentley Bentayga. Lamborghini wishes that to be the greatest dealing with car in its course, and among the very best 4x4s off toad too. Our team try that on track, when traveling, and off roadway extremely, to observe if Lamborghini's cases accumulate.

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    1. dave alders ….which luxury SUV goes off road…? None, it’s purely a poser vehicle, get a bit of dust on it and you’re a legit ‘off roader’. Even the best in class off roader the Range Rover is rarely taken off road by owners. Its mainly seen around inner cities, looking nice and clean.

    2. Enzo Morf landcruiser prado, lx570, and the standard landcruiser all 3 cars are north of 80k and and both landcruiser get used in the bush due to there dependability and reliability the lx a little less so but ive seen them around as well.

    3. Satya Koppisetty ….of course Landcruiser will get used, but of all SUV sales i would guess 5 to 10 % in the bush, the rest nice and clean in the cities….

  1. the arabian penninsula just screamed in delight now they have a car tasteless enough to match their rose gold Hublots

    1. felix crab There is nothing wront with that. Of course the thing is different when it fits into specific stereotypes like a glove. Which is something that some will miss to understand in what ive said. But hey, i cant think for the others.

    2. You implied that “they” (rich people with rose gold Hublot’s who likes these types of cars) don’t have “sophisticated mindsets”. If that wasn’t the point you were making then you need to edit your comment because it’s impossible to interpret it in a different way.

      What do you even mean by sophisticated mindsets btw?

    3. rich people with these cars and rose gold hublots are probably quite tacky. doesnt mean I will hold it against them or think they arnt great fun to be around.

    4. Speednote10 I’ve implied that some people with that preferences (for the wrong reasons) dont have a sophisticated mindset. Its not about the preferences per se.

      Im not into a contest to be aproved for something, so i dont care if someone make the right or wrong interpretation of the comment. I dont have anything against the super wealthy. I also like some of the gifts that i gave to myself. They’re pieces of art. Nothing against that.

      What ive said is very simple. In some cases who haves the money is a sophisticated person, in others isnt the case. So money buys a lot of thing except sophistication, therefore isnt logic to people be so amazed with it.

    5. If you had said “some people buy things for the wrong reasons” in your first comment I wouldn’t have said anything, but that wasn’t exactly the case. Anyway, can’t be bothered with this anymore. Have a great one.

  2. Backend looks like a Porsche, front looks like the new VW Atlas at first glance, Audi 4L twin-turbo v8, VW chassis…. an expensive car with leftover bits. Same with Bentley

  3. When you remember they (Lamborghini) choose this over the Estoque…. makes you want to rip your eyes out.

    1. I agree with you – almost identical power to weight ratio and the Stelvio Q has such of a more distinct personality

    2. bigmac22ify way to bring an entirely different segmented car into a comparison.. You might aswell say you’d rather have a suzuki jimny…..

    3. Yes, at least the Stelvio is made in Italy by a true Italian company with over 100 yrs of heritage.  The QV version costs way less than this Lambo Uranus.

  4. 98% of the people who comment about the looks of the Urus or say that they would buy a Bentayga or Cayenne instead, will never ever buy or can afford these cars. And mostly the guys who buy the Urus is either a Lambo owner before or owns several other expensive cars.

    1. Actually the way ordinary people perceive this car is important coz Lamborghini owners often buy them for show off , especially a lambo suv which will never see an off road track. So if people think it’s useless and ugly the car losses its purpose.

    2. Gowtham Oleti I’ve heard reports that the majority of the owners of Urus are new to the Lamborghini brand. It’s allowing Lamborghini to sell cars in areas that don’t have perfect weather or have bad roads. I haven’t seen any Urus running around (yet). What we get where I’m at is mostly Aventador, Gallardo, and maybe a Huracán here and there. Maybe a Murci if you’re lucky. But then again I live in LA where Lamborghinis are a dime a dozen.

    1. You wouldn’t be able to buy either one so your opinion is rather invalid. There is a much higher demand for a Lamborghini SUV than a NA V10 sedan. Thats why they chose to go with it, and at the end of the day Lamborghini is a business and they need to make a profit

    1. Yeah, the diesel cayenne’s and Macans totally destroyed Porsche… Oh wait they didn’t, they sold like hot cakes and the sports cars kept being made.

    2. And the new panamera 4s diesel v8 is also kind of cool. But just because it sells well, doesn’t always mean it is the “right thing to do”. Most folks I personally know that own diesel Porsches or Folks are the ones that can somehow pay for them but can’t really afford them. But that’s just my 2 cents.

    3. No. 😒
      You need diesel so people can afford to run it. And companies need money to make more. So yes for Diesel.

  5. urus may not be a true lambo but if it helps lamborghini financially to keep building the v10 and v12 supercars, then i am all up for it

    1. supercharged petrolhead I think they will never go for turbo. They will retain v10s & v12s in combination with electrification. They surely go for hybrids rather than turbocharged. Imo, v10/v12 + electric motor is best combination. I myself just hate turbos. I absolutelt love Superchargers & NA engines.

    2. If anything this car is in a bit of a niche position in the market. It is a more powerful alternative to the Cayenne. And if you ask me, I see far too many Cayennes and Range Rover Sports.
      I find it perplexing how people also criticise this car for having a V8 and not a V12 but then also complain about the weight. Because a V12 would make the car lighter?

    1. So much insecurity and jealousy here.. Why do people on the internet think it’s so cool to hate things? It’s just sad.

    1. They gave him 3 different cars?! I thought it can handle all terrains.
      Means the owner will need 3 different cars?

  6. I love the way it sounds, lovely V8 growl. But is it what Lamborghini want? Or do they really want a V12?

    1. Couldn’t tell if the sound is better in a VV video, before I get to the part with actual car sounds I will have pulled my brain out of my skull through my ear canal.
      The C63 is a good example for how a small capacity forced injection V8 can still sound great.
      But high volume isn’t good sounding. Otherwise the only thing you would need to make a car sound good is drill some holes into the exhaust. Funny enough, some people actually do stuff like that.
      The Urus just sounds plain. Then again, everything about those luxury SUVs is. It’s just sad when even a manufacturer like Lamborghini is blowing fake exhaust sounds through the speakers now. Of course it is EXTREMELY LOUD in drive by, it’s still a Lambo.

    2. But yes I agree AMG are the only ones who have been able to make a turbocharged engine sound truly awesome.

    1. Dennis Vasquez I agree that’s this cars biggest problem it’s not exactly leading in crazy… I don’t even like jeep but I find the track hawk more bonkers than this

    2. The trackhawk is a pile of shitty plastic with a big engine, you can’t compare its interior quality with any luxury SUV

  7. What’s the point of VW group owning all these marques and having them produce the same exact cars… Yes Lamborghini would have to diversify to survive if they were a completely separate entity, but it’s not, and they’re not fooling anyone.

    If you want an SUV it should be a VW, if you want a luxury SUV it should be an Audi.

    Bentley, Porsche, and Lambo should not have their badge put on these cars… full-stop

    Stop treating them as individual car companies and ask VW group to start acting like a group

    What’s next… Bugatti SUV?

    1. Eoghan Hennessy They gave him 3 different cars?! I thought it can handle all terrains.
      Means the owner will need 3 different cars?

    2. KingKrusty “sales shouldn’t matter”..

      Are you serious? They run a business and their goal is to make money, just like every other business on the planet. Saying that the reason they exist (selling cars) doesn’t matter is blatantly stupid.
      Also, the Vantage isn’t a Merc with a Aston body kit on it, it’s an Aston Martin built from the ground up with a Merc engine in it. Keep hating things you know nothing about though, it makes you look super cool… =l


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