자동차 계기판 Can A Built E46 330d Beat An E92 M3 Around A Lap?

Can A Built E46 330d Beat An E92 M3 Around A Lap?

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    1. +falchulk yep, it’s a type of racing called Sprinting, it works pretty much exactly like how Car Throttle are doing it, only with more professional timing gear.

    2. Nankang Ns2R aren’t that bad for budget track days, and I thought they put these because they wanted to do it on a budget. But with that turbo, remap, clearly they should’ve taken better tires, like Yoko AD08R. Or even Michelin Pilot Sport cup

    1. +Filip Kokol Yeah, it was my very first time driving manual in driving school. After that I never did it again, but yeah the shifter was really loose and you had to be really precise when shifting

    2. Man he drove off road and probably hit something hard, and from a side view we can see that he was breaking, which means the clutch pedal was pressed down, thats why the gear popped out
      There are restrictors in this bmw and most of the newer cars, you wont be able to shift from 4th gear to the second or first if you are going faster than 70-80km/h

  1. Can’t really compare you getting so many more laps and so much more practice on this map than the E92. He got what, 3? 5? You’ve had 100 probably.

    1. Bloody spanners, the whole point of this episode was to beat the best time of the M3, not beat it equivalent to the number of laps each vehicle does.

      Why do you follow CT, just piss off. Appreciate their hard work or go watch another series.

    2. They should’ve used an E46 323ci for the project car. Straight pipe it, tune it, strip the interior. It would sound amazing and probably still beat the E92

  2. An n=1 doesn’t necessarily prove its faster than the M3. Can M3 do it consistently? Can 330D do it consistently?

    What is total price of mods (parts and labor)?

    The E46 platform is a timeless design (okay biased with my E46 M3) and the 330D rings true as an awesome sleeper.

    Impressive effort even with the open diff. A LSD would really complete the build.


    1. The fact its high revving is irrelevant, the gearing is completely different to account for this. The M3 will beat it hands down even around this short track. It has much better traction (LSD, wider tyres) and better power to weight ratio which are the most important variables for this short track.

    2. Did you saw the drag race between the 330d and the M4? They are pretty close, even though the M4 has 150hp more, ~1500kg weight, very good traction control system. The E92 M3 is heavier, slower, has less HP. Why it is so hard to believe that the 330d could keep up with it?
      I think that there is no point in arguing here who would win. I think @Carthrottle should do a rematch, both with the same tyres, in good weather conditions with the same driver.

    3. +Markie Markwell I said m4 not m3. I said that it was pretty close, as you can see in this video. True, a 80k BMW m3 is better than this 330d, but considering the price difference I would say that this is mighty impressive and in the reach for most people to afford.

    1. lattegmv und klar kannst du ein Sportlenkrad eintragen lassen. Musst aber auch belegen können, dass der alte Airbag ordnungsgemäß entsorgt wurde.

    2. BAMPh MX-5 Es geht hier aber um dieses spezifische Auto, Fachwerkstatt muss den Umbau durchführen, dann brauchst du Sportlenkrad mit EG für den 330d, dann kann man lieber direkt n Sportlenkrad mit Airbag kaufen, weil definitiv günstiger. Wenn es darum ginge, das Fahrzeug nach deutschen Recht zu modifizieren, klar, man kann einiges machen, so wie der 3er aber hier steht, keine Chance und darum geht es ja auch. Wenn du den so eingetragen haben möchtest, wie er im Video ist, ja, dann Kauf dir lieber ein anderes Auto, ist deutlich günstiger und bewahrt dich vor grauer Mähne, Mal davon ab, dass das Abgasverhalten einfach nicht machbar ist.

    3. lattegmv nhja und warum wird Turbotuning in Deutschland dennoch relativ oft gemacht?
      So wie hier im Video bekommt der keine Zulassung, ich meine aber auch nicht diesen Fall, sondern wenn man es so ähnlich wie hier macht. Ich vermute dass der in England auch nicht so einfach an ne Zulassung käme. Es wurde im Video aber auch alles in einer Fachwerkstatt durchgeführt.

    4. It probably doesn’t mater while it’s not registered in Germany. You can probably use it in Germany with UK plates.
      But définitely, take it to the nurburgring!

  3. I wonder how much time it would’ve picked up with a proper limited-slip diff. I know they make night-and-day differences in the Subaru STi when driving on ice/snow.

  4. You guys really should invest into a new timing system I mean really? A phone and a radio? And you beat that bmw by 0.1? That could be human error. don’t get me wrong I loved he lexus and now the bmw but if in the future you could use some laser stuff that would make it so much better

    1. So true, I think typical human reaction time is around 0.3s, even if its 0.3 across both start and stop, still equates to the chart showing improvements as mostly meaningless. I also noticed that in the tyre episode they adjusted the pressures, but never mentioned it again, given the difference it made (tyres were biggest improvement) you would think it would be important to carry this through.

    2. +SmashGhost Didn’t even start watching the video, just scrolled down looking for theproper timing systemcommentSurprised I had to go this far!

  5. for all of those who say get LSD, I agree, if you talk about aftermarket. It makes so much torque, that puting M3 diff would be waste of money and diff. I actually prefer welding it. Alot of proffesional race cars were built with spool diff in it. ‘Cause there is no better slip limiting, than fully elimiting it

    1. .. and the sliding/slipping friction coefficient between 2 surfaces is lower than the static coefficient. By forcing one tyre to slip you’re dropping your overall grip and traction.

    2. Do you realise a welded diff is useful for drifting but nothing else…? For actual speed and maximizing traction they are utterly useless.
      A 1-way LSD is what’s needed here.

    3. If u would weld a diff on racecar thats driven on fast track it would become fcking dangerous. Imagine going 200kmh into mild corner and losing traction on rear and sliding because welded diff forces it to do so.

  6. Are you still running an open diff? Especially with all that diesel torque you’re just burning the inside tire every time you try to give it beans out of a cornerWeld that diff or throw in a LSD clutch pack and you’ll probably pick up another half second in acceleration and a half second not having to wrestle with the backend snapping about every time you lose traction lol

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