Rumah Berkendara 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista First Drive in Italy — 710 hpTEST/DRIVE

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista First Drive in Italy — 710 hpTEST/DRIVE

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The Ferrari 488 Pista is actually a monster: 0-60 dalam 2.8 seconds, 710-hp, 568 lb-ft off 3.9 litres from twin-turbo V-8. The Travel's chief car movie critic Lawrence Ulrich steered this at Ferrari's Fiorano examination monitor. Loads even more details in the article (find hyperlink below).

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    1. He’s talking about fuel cutting when shifting to the next gear. For the pista, it keeps adding fuel between shifts instead of cutting it, then adding after the gear has upshifted.

    2. it happens when the engine takes revs faster than you imagine, so you have to set yourself to its speed.
      it happend to me the firt times i drove a 180cv motorbike, it will take a little time to get used to it, you just don’t expect to everithyng happens so fast.

    3. Automatic or twin-clutch is just a matter of definition ffs. An automatic gearbox for me has a torque converter, and a manual obviously has a clutch pedal. A twin-clutch box has neither of those so for me it’s not an automatic just like it’s not a manual.

    1. They’re louder in person than in videos, videos don’t really do justice. Sure it doesn’t sound as good as a NA but it’s definitely an exciting sound for a stock car. Can easily get an exhaust too and it’ll be very loud and have a crazy turbo whistle thrown in

    2. I’d take the 488 Pista over the Performante any day. Ferrari destroys Lamborghini in performance.

    3. t j u have a 458 yet u are commenting on YouTube? Stop lying u don’t have a 458 if u had one u would be busy with your business and money lol 😂

    4. Kamak Mama umm just because someone has a 458 doesn’t mean they don’t have any free time? and especially on a video about a new Ferrari I’m sure there are multiple owners commenting

    1. Zephyr X
      Ok. But I saw part of your comments of which you indicated that you do not care aboutstraight line acceleration.Am I not correct?

      Well, how is that the case when straight line acceleration is the most important aspect of racing? It is in the STRAIGHTS that one is able to go FULL THROTTLE. Have you ever paid close attention to how drivers doing lap courses often reduce speed (sometimes significantly) when approaching corners, and then pick up speed in the straights?

      I also submit that driving around tracks isn’t all about a car’s cornering or track capabilities. DRIVER SKILLS actually play a huge role as well. Now, sure, driver skills also come into play in straight line races (such as drag racing). But it’s even more so when driving at high speeds around corners, since the MARGIN FOR ERROR is greater.

    2. Zephyr X
      Not really. Just think it is foolish that some folks are saying that they don’t care about straight line acceleration, when that is in fact what matters most in racing. Now, if the argument is that they care more about driving around tracks than in a straight line (because around tracks is more fun and challenging), then I agree 100%.

    3. Just one more thing. I rechecked the statistics. In most tracks the 488gtb 2015 is barely 1second slower than the 720s 2017 even if it has more weight and less power. End it please.

    1. LamboPlays

      I got some more if you liked that one.. Water is wet, and turbo engines doesn’t sound as good as NA engines.. You utter toons

    1. Satwik Basu this 488 Pista isn’t limited edition too, coz there is no limit in production numberonly mclaren LT versions are limited in production numbers

    1. Ilias G1 I don’t think so considering that Lambo has never done that and the factories aren’t very far from each other

    2. Zephyr X I mean the car emissions not the emissions from the factoriesA high displacement engine will burn more gas that a lower displacement turbo engine.Also brands areforcedby the government to build lower displacement engines because of regulations.

    3. @Zephyr X
      Ya, but you have to remember that Lambo belongs to Audi, which belongs to VW. They have enough small cars, EVs and semi EVs to allow them to keep NA engines in the few Lambo cars they produce every year. Ferrari has none of that, hence they must go with smaller engines and turbo in some of their cars.

    1. Zephyr X Absolutely true I’m just saying I’m surprised they chose that name when a large portion of their market is english. Seems like it could affect sales.

    2. robisfantastic I mean, it’s just a name. And Ferrari best market is Europe and middle East or even China. If we put it like you say it seems not the case if we take the Lamborghini Performante. Americans enjoy that a lot

  1. Need chris harris to do this review. Not the guy who looks like he just came back from a Hawaiian vacation.

    1. What is wrong with that shirt?
      Come on, I have a whole wardrobe with those. Flip flops as well. Ya, I wear it in public too. 🙂 🙂


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