Accueil accélérateur de la voiture Previous Owner Reacts To The Restoration Of His Old Car

Previous Owner Reacts To The Restoration Of His Old Car

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In the last incident from the High Usage Hero set, Alex takes the repaired Skoda Octavia to its previous proprietor as well as allows him choose a travel!

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    1. Car Throttle WHY DIDNT YOU GUYS GIVE THE CAR BACK ? Felt wrong even though, it obviously was not. Would have been an epic final though.

  1. should have gave it back to the original owner if it’s the last episode, he could put another 400,000 miles on it. felt wrong he really wanted it back

    1. He wants it back because it looks like new, not because he misses the old car. He didn’t bother to take care of it himself so he doesn’t deserve to have it totally restored to new condition and given back for free.

  2. Give it to russel pleaseee😁🙏🏽
    Vote up if you want it to go back to the previous owner.
    He seemed so sad😔

    1. stijn spoelstra Do you understand the concept of selling something? You sell it, it no longer own it. It is not his car, therefore Alex has no obligation to give it back.

  3. I defiantly think you should of gave him the car back as a gift, but it’s been such a great series hopefully more to come soon!

    1. Agreed 100%, Russell, what a great dude, taking such good car of that car. He deserves it back. Russell, if you are reading this; everyone wants you to have your old car back.

  4. That’s VAG for you” – I’ll remind my flatmate of that when he gets home. He’s just at the garage collecting his 2 month old VW Polo that’s on its 4th trip back to the dealer for a total of something like 8 days off the road. He bought it to replace a VW Up which also kept breaking, so the V of VAG has some work to do, but then my Dad drives an A6 which has also been back to the dealer 4-5 times in 6 années. Doesn’t sound so bad but that’s still more than the combined total of my 4 cars and 14 années- and one of those was a Fiat.

    Anyway I didn’t come here to moan, just felt that the point should have been that well maintained cars are good, not just VAG ones as they’re honestly pretty shite for reliability (altho I like many of them otherwise). That old Skoda is awesome

    1. I had a VW Phaeton long ago, le 5.0 V10 TDI. That thing was just not having it. Constant breakage, never ending saga of repeating issuesit was literally falling apart DAILY. Don’t wanna jump to too many details, but changing something like 5 ou 6 stabilizer bars over the course of like year and a half/two years is just…. wow.. never seen that before and I’m sure I never will. That thing was snapping them right in half for some unexplainable reason. Also constant failure to one of the headlights, xenon bulbs were burning one after the other, maybe replaced like 4 of these and 1 ballast which still didn’t fix anything. Also leaking water pumps and head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, turbo manifold gasketsyou name it. Developed a rattling noise from the engine right before I gave it away. That was all at around 200k km’s (not miles).
      I also have friends with VAG products. An Octavia like this but the last face, peut;t remember maybe a 2007 or something. Bought brand new from Skoda, steering wheel completely deteriorated at around 60k km’s! Not even kidding it was complete junk as far as materials goes. Whatever. This is getting longer then anticipated. Point is VAGs are mostly junk. Audis are even worse since they are expensive to fix cuz of bad engineeringand fix them you will. So that’s that. Never gonna own a VAG product again 😉

    2. Shona completely standard car, tho I suspect the previous owner wound the boost up too high for the standard turbo. I have friends that have had multiple problems with the 1.8t engines though. The only three engines that have never let me down are the K20, 3SGTE and the EJ20R (Surprisingly)

    3. Frank White you should have bought 3.0v6 TDi, I personaly dont believe that stabilizer will break 5 times in 1 year If it’s Assembled as it should. Also you could have just thrown that stabilizer to thrash can and still could drive fine. Car doesn’t need one.

    4. Had a 2.0 mk4 Golf from new. Full VW service history and only run on expensive fuel. It only got to 86,000 miles when an undiagnosable mis-fire and EML forced me to sell it for scrap.


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