Página de inicio En coche Cadillac Escalade ESV With FLIR And Other Toys — /INSIDE AI DESIGN

Cadillac Escalade ESV With FLIR And Other Toys — /INSIDE AI DESIGN

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Ai Layout created this "MK71" armed forces tribute Cadillac Escalade ESV for a client, who wished a thermic camera (unhappy, gyrostabilized multi-spectral surveillance unit), along with a gimballed turret, on top. You know, for messing around with his good friends. Like you perform.

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    1. Realmente, the correct question to ask is if it’s illegalthat’s how the American system works, it’s legal unless it’s specifically illegal

  1. Hmm… Builds a car because has affinity with Militaria and law enforcement, But installs a radar jammer and detector to avoid and interfere with Law enforcementto add insult to injury installs illegal train horns, and shady camera system

    Cool build either way.

  2. Seems such a genuinely good guy who has an interest in cars and helping people who don’t have the skills to do these crazy projects themselves.

    1. Tony La Calidad Cardoso I’m not saying he does this for free but the way he talks about competition makes me feel he does this because he enjoys it not for loads of profit. If you don’t care about what the competition does he will take more pride in his work as he is not driven to beat someone else just make a good product.

  3. This dudes awesome! I hope he continues doing what he loves and enjoys. He’s really passionate when it comes to his work, and has pride without an overinflated ego. I’m sure his team he has working for him appreciates him just as much as his clients.


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