Σπίτι Redline κριτικές 2018 Mazda6 2.5T Signature – A Much Needed Power Upgrade

2018 Mazda6 2.5T Signature – A Much Needed Power Upgrade

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After years of no improved motor options, Mazda enjoys buyers as well as FINALLY provides the Mazda6 extra energy for 2018, in the form of a 2.5 L turbocharged 4-cyl. Along with 310 lb-ft of twist as well as 250 HP along with exceptional gas, this brand new Mazda6 now possesses the soul that has to go visit move with the new Accord and Camry. But performs it have the entire plan to outperform both its own brand-new rivals?

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    1. aayan goverski Mazda had no luxury brand, although it had a flagship coupe, the ‘Cosmowhich survived only from 60s to late 80s, which they killed after that, it had and impressive 20b quad rotary engine. It’s a shame to kill a car that saved the brand from dying.Therefore, they have only one brand to focus in, and it’s a win win for us consumers

  1. I bought a 6 Signature six weeks ago and I am very happy with it so far. I choose it over the 2018 Camary (looked like it is trying to be a Transformer toy) and the 2018 Accord (nice, but could not get past it’s pug nose styling). Coming from a 2006 Lexus IS250, το 6 has a better interior and power. Six weeks in and no problems what so ever. I actually preferred the 6 speed transmission over the Accord’s 10 speed. The Accord’s transmission always felt it was hunting for the correct gear while the Mazda used its higher torque to stay in the same gear when I punched the throttle.

    According to my dealer, Apple car play and Android Auto will be available for a free upgrade in July for customers that have already bought a 6 in the upper trim levels.

    1. Chuck Music Congrats man, such a beautiful and elegant car..i have few questions if you don’t mind since you have the car for a good time.
      1- how is the fuel economy?
      2- have you noticed any turbo lag?
      3- how comfortable it is?
      4- last but not least can you describe the power, like can you tell it has that amount of torque?
      i have my eyes on this car but it’s still not available here until 2019.

    2. 1. I’ve got about 1200 miles on it now. I live about 7 miles from my work and I have mostly done home to work and driving around my home town. I have not done any trips longer than 30-40 miles or any interstate travel with it since the day I bought it. So far I am getting about 22 mpg city using only 93 octane. However on a nearby flat 4-lane road I did average about 33 mpg at a steady 65 mph for about 20 miles. I expect the mpg to go up slightly when the engine gets more use.

      2. I haven’t really noticed any turbo lag since the turbo comes in at around a low 2000 RPM. The engine’s exhaust manifold has a valve that almost shuts down the exhaust going to the turbo at low RPMs. This is like putting your thumb over the end of a water hose with the water running, when the thumb goes over, the water pressure goes up and goes from a trickle to a spray. The same thing happens with the Mazda’s exhaust valve. The extra exhaust pressure spins up the turbo quicker and at a lower RPM so there is hardly any turbo lag at all. The valve opens at a set higher RPM so the turbo acts as normal from there up. There is little bit of lag if you mash the gas from idle which is about 800 RPM, but around 2000 and up, there is no lag.

      3. Comfort is relative, but it is more comfortable and quiet than my old Lexus IS250 but not as environment numbing as a Lexus ES350. The new front seats are very comfortable and I could see myself driving for several hours at a time without having to take a break. But the handling performance of the car is balanced to make it more sporty feeling thenRolls Roycelevel comfort.

      4. The power is very linear when the turbo kicks in at 2000 RPM and all the way to redline at 6000. I can be cruising at 50-60 mph and punch the throttle to pass a car, and the 6 turbo takes off and accelerates very well. I can feel the torque, but I just ended 12 years in a car that had about half as much torque as the 6 does. It’s not like a car with 400+ HP, but for a small 4 cylinder in a 5 passenger 4 door sedan it’s got enough power for me. Now if I were expecting power like out of a BMW M5 or AMG C63, I would be disappointed, but for its class, it has plenty of power. For a daily driver, it has more than enough power for normal uses, just don’t expect it to be as powerful as sports sedans in higher classes.

      Hope this helps..

    3. Congrats on your purchase! You made a very good choicesure the Camrys and Accords are the most popular but you also see them on the road every 5mins. At least your ride is not that common thus you stand out amongst the crowd and not blend in like the other 2 models!

    1. even as a hardcore toyota fanboy, I cant deny mazda has been killing it in the aesthetics department the last couple of generations. i’ve always wanted to see what they would come up with if they made a full on sports car around the size/power of an m5.

    2. aayan goverskiHopefully you’re not going to keep the car past it’s warranty then. Lol. Mazda’s resale value is horrible and turbocharged engines are still not as reliable as the Honda and Toyota motors.

    1. James Russo The amount of gears is not the issue, those 2 extra gears are only for gas efficiency. It’s the way they program their transmissions & how fast it can shift into the next gear. Although I’m not a big fan of DCT’s, you can’t deny that they are lightning fast in shifting compared to traditional transmissions.

  2. Surprised they couldn’t go to 8-speeds with the refresh. I think a premium segment value buy position is best for Mazda. They should try to get people to look at it as a Lexus ES on a budget. Something that in luxury and style is a step up from a Camry or Accord. The look is definitely ahead of the curve, and actually looks a lot like the 2019 Lexus ES F-Sport.

  3. Mind you, this car is serious competition coming from a company that is a fraction the size of Toyota or Honda. Good job Mazda! I’m extremely excited to see all the new stuff they have planned for 2019 and beyond!


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