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2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 S driven | 503bhp 4.0-litre V8 on track | Autocar

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Mercedes has given this year's refreshed C63 a significant graphic overhaul, in addition to a new 9-speed transmission as well as torque-vectoring eDiff differential – however no energy walk. Certainly not that this required one.

This is still the only super tavern readily available with a V8 motor – that's still in development or accessible in right-hand disk, all the same. The AMG-fettled, twin-turbocharged 4.0 hot vee pushes 503bhp to its rear steering wheels, with a nine-stage traction control system provided the AMG GT-R as well as the vocals to match.

Turn that dial to 9 and all the electronic assisting hands turn off, just about ensuring tyre smoke cigarettes as well as laterally action from every edge. Our experts checked that out at Germany's Bilster Berg race circuit to view if the C63 S is actually still the very barroom to go for.

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    1. All round great engine! Powerful,, responsive, low centre of gravity, efficient and it sounds great too. No wonder it’s being used the GT race cars.

  1. I love this car, except that screen in center. That SUCKS. At least make dual screen in c class like in e/s and others…

  2. “It’s errrr stormy Saunders”
    Why tf is he saying “errr” when he says his name?
    Does he have to think about it?
    Too monotone

    1. Its like he’s Matt Prior’s padawan. *yoda voice* ‘Monotone… you will speak. Be unenthusiastic… you will.’

    1. So funny to see all the BMW fanbois come out here. I don’t own either car so I could care less who makes the better product. I’ve driven both and the Merc was significantly better in all aspects for me. YMMV

    2. G performance wise, this is 2 leagues behind. Interior and looks, yes this is better (pre-facelift, the facelift UGLY) but it’s not a league ahead in anything. Maybe tyre replacement costs.

    3. G :so funny a Merc fanboy pretends to put out a non bias comment. There is nothing wrong to admit you are a Merc fanboy at least it’s honest unlike you, a hypocrite trying to pretend something you are not!

  3. The C63 is the AMG bench mark! I miss my 6.2L variant and wish they kept the gear selector below not by the steering lol

  4. Think I’ll still go for an M3 with a manual transmission over this. There’s a certain amount of fun to be had (or “won back” from the seriousness of it) from the transmission alone.

  5. Matt Saunders — sorry the previous one had a 7 SPEED MCT….Not a torque converter as you say at the very start of the video, when explaining difference to last year’s; this one is a 9 SPEED MCT (Wet startup clutch without torque converter as before, only quicker shifts and 2 additional gears, and better engagement at Startup when initially shifting to drive).

    1. balmain2002 sorry to break it to you but the time you took to write this essay, you will never get back. Presenter is right.

    2. Sobanel and you also won’t get back the time you wasted on reading that essay… Presenter is wrong

    3. Sizakele Comfort Mtshweni he made a point that is factually incorrect. I am merely pointing out his error and it took me no longer than 10 seconds.

    4. Sobanel I guess he’s a fan like myself, I would have pointed it out too when someone makes a mistake on my favourite brand… but anyway you shouldn’t have attacked his comment…


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