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2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera | 715bhp V12 Ferrari rival driven | Autocar

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Is Aston Martin's 715bhp DBS Superleggera a Ferrari-beating tremendously huge tourer, and also worthy successor to the much-loved Vanquish? Practice run editor Matt Saunders took to an Aerial exchange determine Subscribe right now:

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    1. That was the same driver, unless they got another driver who wears glasses and has the same shape head as Matt. This is not Top Gear with the old team who did need to use stand ins.

    1. as i wrote above.. i doubt this guy will be working for autocar by end of summer.. some of his colleagues are equally as irrelevant.

    2. Drives a car that costs more than my house and sounds about as interested as watching an episode of the antiques roadshow smh

    1. Allen Saunders Hahahahaha out of date yet they can make 2000hp they are AWD and weigh the same at this super light Aston Martin that I bet is no faster? Wow we are making progress lmao

    2. GTR is still a Nissan though, however you dress it up
      While the GTR for the $$ is obviously the better car, I’d have an Aston every day

    3. Allen Saunders yup they are two different cars for different buyer base but my point is its called superlight or superleggera but it weighs as heavy a Gtr. Both are nice cars though. Just my opinion anyway. Have a nice day.

    1. Noel O’Dwyer Mmm, you clearly don’t know a great deal about Aston Martins long connection with Italy, Zagato for instance.
      Or probably Aston’s most famous car, the DB5 that was made by Aston Martin and designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. Released in 1963, it was an evolution of the final series of DB4.

  1. 1700 kg (3750 pounds) Dry in other words close to 1900 kg (4200 pound) on road, WOW and they call that Superleggera??? What is Aston smoking. McLaren 720S is 400 kg (900 pounds) lighter.

    1. You are comparing two cars which are not even in same class. And the Superleggera name is a heritage thing that Aston Martin previously used on DB6. Manufacturers do it all the time.

  2. It’s a lovely car particularly the looks 😍 but even as a fellow proud Brit, cut the biased crap. The best big GT’s are made in Maranello

    1. powersliding ‘under technology’ do you mean ‘lack of technology’ God who taught you English? Stevie Wonder?

  3. It’s nice for an Aston as I’ve never been a big fan but sorry no 3800 lb car should be called “super light” anything get close to 3000 lbs and get back to me

  4. Let me ask you this: Why would you put it out there by saying “Are we getting bored with Astons”?? Why should we be?? Every manufacturer brings out new cars/models, some even 2 or more in a year. Many manufactures have “family style” or from a similar “stable” of style. So why would you ask us if we are bored with Aston Martin. Maybe, and this is a real possibility, I and others are bored with you.

  5. I watched this whole video and he didn’t shut up for the whole video and we didn’t even get to hear the noise of the Aston once

    1. Emilio Fernandez you weren’t listening then were you?, there were enough brief moments to hear it and yes, I think it sounds like a Merc,there, I’ve said it, the Aston V12 was Bond like this V12 just doesn’t sound like it’s in a sports car……🤔

    2. Doesn’t really matter, since even in reality not much noise comes out of this car. If you hear this car in person, it’s even more muffled than the DB11 – meaning unfortunately they just simply enlarged the turbos more than they have tweaked the engine itself for trying to make those extra 110hp. Emissions or the limit of skills of AM in-house engineering or whatnot, the inarguable truth is this car sounds like crap, and sounds like a turbocharged V6.

    1. Theres nothing particularly wrong with anything he says… he just… doesn’t seem excited. Also the way its edited doesn’t leave any gaps, so all the chat just kind of blends together into one monotonous lump.


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