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2018 Porsche 911 GT3 RS review | 513bhp roadgoing racer tested | Autocar

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Cor. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is actually (spoiler alarm) such a terrific thing. Every time Porsche launches a GT-model 911, that is actually terrific, and our experts ponder just how they create it a lot better. And afterwards they carry out. Register today:

This time, that comes with a power upgrade to the 911 GT3's 4.0-litre motor – which is actually basically a Cup race cars and truck motor – taking it to 513bhp (520 statistics hp). That revs to 9000rpm – that deserves hearing, by the way..

That steers the rear wheels with a seven-speed PDK gearbox, which switches more quickly and precisely in comparison to ever before, and drives through among the funkiest framework in your business. The suspension is actually rose-jointed, there are actually active engine positions, a rear-steer body, tires as well as tyres off the absurd GT2 RS as well as the inventiveness as well as wizard or even Porsche's developers to create every one of this in to an enormously engaging, great handling, natural entirety.

Is this far better in comparison to other ₤ 140,000 sports cars? Is this better to drive in comparison to the Aston Martin Advantage, Audi R8, McLaren 570S? On a monitor, the GT3 RS is better in comparison to just about anything this side of a Caterham 7 or Radical.

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  1. Wow Porsche 😍💜💙💜💛💛💜💙💜💜💜💙💜💛💛💝💓❤💝❤💓❤💝❤💝💓💓❤💝👌🏼

    1. I’d buy the GT3RS instead of the GT2RS tbh just because of that incredible NA flat Six that screams to 9000RPM!

    1. because all of em are already sold, so they dont need to give the car for reviewers to get people interesred in the car!

    2. Who cares about the GT2RS when the McLaren SENNA could DEMOLISH evey other “track focused” sports car on the planet.

  2. Wow Porsche! Never fail to amaze. The best of the best. There is no doubt. Listen to that engine. Wow.

  3. *I hope GT cars forever stay naturally aspirated even if it’s considered slow in the future. The passion and howl is just insane*
    Wouod be even more so on the GT4 chassis. It just shouts, but Porsche will prob keep it under the closet by a little bit

    1. yea, i saw the rumours a while back, but everyone i talked to at Porsche seems to believe that they will continue to try and keep it NA. but who knows how much “try” can do.

    2. It doesn’t fucking matter what “Assie reports” or some stupid US “car journalists” are telling about future Porsche GT3 cars!
      Here in Germany, some people around Porsche have completely different informations about the future of the GT3 cars!
      Andreas Preuninger himself said, that the new naturally aspirated flat six engine with its rigid valvetrain still has “some suprises” for the future, because it has still a lot of potential…! The same said August Achleitner, the head of the sportscar R&D at Porsche! Another indication for a future of the N/A engine simply is: the new 911 GT3 R race car, which was tested at Monza race circuit last week, still has its naturally aspirated flat six engine!
      With every new GT car from Porsche, the same uninformed trashtalkers around the globe, far away from Porsche in Germany, are telling their bullshit nonsense, like “mimimimi… but the next GT3 sadly is going turbo…. mimimi!!” WTF…! How do they know this…??
      The same happened with the forthcoming 718 Cayman GT4 too: since the introduction of the first Cayman GT4 all of these smart-asses are telling the people, “the next GT4 will sadly stick to the 4 cylinder flat four turbo engine of the 718 base models and the GTS…”
      But the truth is: the 718 Cayman GT4 will get the naturally aspirated flat six engine from the 911 GT3… in a de-tuned version of course! How about that you trashtalking idiots?!
      Greetings from Germany!

    1. Lol gt2 is my favorite of all porsche models and I agree with you. I like this one. Put the regular gt3 rear wing on this 3RS and put twin turbos on it and I’m happy

    2. To be honest, I’d say the GT3RS is simply viscerally emotional, but the GT2RS is more subtley emotional. Different definitions of engineering marvel

  4. I’m beyond excited for mine. Wasn’t thrilled with the market premium price on top of the MSRP, but the worst part is delivery is in December.

    1. Josh Charlie thank you! It’ll be used on a daily basis and plenty of track time, no garage queen nonsense

  5. Really hoping that next gen GT3 remains naturally aspirated, most likely not but fingers crossed.

    1. With smart software, i do not understand why this is hard for you guys to see. Example look at BMW N52 engines, on some models they are rated at 217hp and on others it is rated at 272, same internals, injectors etc only software changes. You apply the same logic to any engine, you can make it more CO2 friendly “off boost” and when the electrics kick in they give additional power for same emissions. Hence you keep the instant response free revving NA, just a bit more economical/cleaner due to emissions and what have you. Just an idea.

    2. Zombie Head No, just go all ICE or all EV. Hybrids are pretty flawed, heavy, complex. The Holy trinity showed hybrids could work well in performance scenarios, but they’re already being upstaged, because good areo works even better lol.

  6. A Porsche 911 GT3 RS. A car built for beating any lap time with tremendous grip and downforce.
    *drifts it*

    1. Not really. Most of the old greats are appalling over the limit – the great cars are the ones that are great well under their limits.

    2. performance and power is so cheap these days. for even 50k u can easily get a stock 500+ horsepower car. What matters for these Porsches aren’t ONLY the performance aspect, but more so the soul, fun and passion aspect (but yes, Porsche do tend to be on the more surgical side, but they mix in a little of everything).
      Although this guy just keeps talking about how good the car is, and doesnt bother explaining why… sure, it inspires a “feeling” but he doesnt even at least attempt to break down some of the bigger parts (not like we expect him to understand nor talk about the million little things).

    3. Nothing can beat the McLaren Senna in terms of grip and downforce. If I sound like a fanboy, it’s because I’m a former GTR fanboy and need a new car to drool over. Senna is the greatest ever.

  7. The GT2RS is currently the fastest road-legal track car in the world. This is probably in the top 3/4 with the 918. Love Porsche! 👌🏼

    1. That fucking “Senna” is not the topic here!
      Stupid hypercar fanboy-ism is like cancer! The only sportscars which are “everywhere”, on every racetrack, are 911 GT cars!
      A fugly Senna for billionaires isn’t the case here at all, because you won’t ever see it in reality!
      By the way: how fast is it around the Nordschleife? A new Corvette ZR1 by the way, with 755 hp and supercharger couldn’t beat the time of the 520 hp naturally aspirated GT3 RS… Would be intereresting, what a fucking ugly Senna could do? But we will never know, because the same will happen as with the P1…! McLaren doesn’t tell the truth, that’s all!
      The truth is, a roadlegal P1 was slower than a roadlegal 918 Spyder around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and therefore a McLaren “P1” hybrid hypercar with almost 1000 hp is “officially” slower around the Nürburgring, than a “only” 520 hp naturally aspirated perfect track machine like the GT3 RS, which is even faster than the 918! That’s simply amazing… isnt’t it…??
      But certainly not your fugly “Senna”, which will disappear in air-conditioned garages of fucking billionaire car collectors! A sportscar which costs one million is just bullshit for such a discussion and the totally wrong comparison for a masterpiece like this GT3 RS! We are talking about “production cars”…, you idiot!

    2. So is the GT3 RS….! 6.56 minutes for the GT3 RS vs. 6.57 minutes for the 918 Spyder. What are you talking…?

  8. Great! I’m just starting out making car review’s and did the 997.1 GT3 RS a few days ago. Sorry, but need to plug it here, haha! So go check it out!!


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