Home Drive 2018 Mercedes AMG E63s Station Wagon FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

2018 Mercedes AMG E63s Station Wagon FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

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At long last, MotoMan steers the 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S as well as in this's BEST model this racer Mercedes Benz– the TERMINAL WAGON!!!! He starts a checked out the Mercedes AMG E63s owners manual to provide this episode a prompt begin then moves by means of style– obviously– and also while of course, this is actually a Mercedes Benz E63 FAMILY Cars And Truck incident, this denotes the profit from a loved family member …

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  1. Incredible car. These engines put out around 650hp in the real world. That’s more than enough….. and as for the length? It’s a 1/4 inch longer than the sedan.. if you notice that….. well, you’re special 😉

  2. What an intro!

    Oh also as a German, you dont want to say “Bist du fertig?” as that means more of “Are you done?” than the “Are you ready?” (which would be better stated as “Bist du bereit?”). 🙂

  3. I think Motoman is a Mercedes fan, he didn’t really push the M5 at all, he drove it like its the 530i,

  4. I’m not married but does a wife have to sign off on what car a man buys ? Lol wtf

    Anyway love this car.

    1. Toyota4Life You have no idea! I’m so glad my taxes say single. I met a woman that nonchalantly said her husband had wanted to get a drum set for 15 years. Not a car, boat, or mistress. A DRUM SET.

  5. I don’t know why jurnalists so often think that amg cars have dual clutch transmissions, the press releases must have some confusing wording. Only the a45 does, this has a close derivative of the 9speed torque converter, just instead of that this has a wet clutch setup. Maybe its a dual PLATE clutch, i dont know, but its not a dual clutch like a pdk for example.

    1. also i still want them to build a sclass estate, of course with that crazy yacht boot floor like the last gen cls had. that would be an awesome thing for roadtrips

  6. E63 alllllllll day. Either base (no options) or matte grey, yellow brakes. Also, wives don’t like station wagons they want SUVs. Only guys like these. Have more luck with a GLC63. Cheaper too.

  7. The m5… because I’m a huge BMW fan… yeah, I loved the video. I still think that for the money, price, performance, and versatility, it’s got to be the X5M. I also like the Trackhawk. Stationwagons are nice, but they lack in clearance… and when you want versatility well the SUV is the way to go. Just saying.

  8. Ok, now that Ford and GM are scaling down their sedan production, where does that leave cars like one and other Hot Wagons?

  9. White? White cars are for meter maids. Grey, all roads lead to the grey. You can’t spell Germany with out Grey, or Gray.

  10. I love the ridiculousness of this wagon. I love the all black, I would tint as much as is allowed and badge delete. Right now I see a 2012 CTS-V wagon with a manual transmission on sale in Burbank for $39,000. Yes it isn’t nearly as high tech as the new beasts from Germany, and yes extra money will need to be put in for repairs and upkeep. But it’s a high horsepower manual wagon for a whole lot less and I bet if kept in great condition it will start to appreciate very soon.


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