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2010 Porsche Cayenne – Long Term #5 – Everyday Driver

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After a long hiatus, the Cayenne pepper is back with a tale. Todd waited until there was actually something brand new and also different to say to. Along with the Cayenne pepper lately passing 100k kilometers, something happened.

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    1. My goodness. That’s a really interesting thought. I can’t even begin to imagine what the actual vehicle would look like – let alone the reviews. It would almost be as if Caterham did an SUV 🙂

    2. I would love to see a Lotus SUV, but it would have to be the very lightest possible whilst still being refined. Like an Evora SUV.

  1. Fantastic piece! Love the long-term reviews. I feel a Cayman GTS one may be in order for early next year. You both are doing great work and can’t wait for the Vett film this winter. Cheers!

  2. Chris who runs Shoutengine, also on Hooniverse podcast has a solution for Apple CarPlay on cars not equipped, he’s looking for beta testers.

  3. Hi Todd, thanks for uploading the cayenne update. Do you still have the cayman S? If you do, can you do an update please? thanks!

    1. The entire interior is that horrible baby diarrhea colour, but yup – that steering wheel is on a whole other level of ugly. Looks like someone noticed he was late for the presentation of his ideas for the steering wheel, so he just took some molten caramel sweets and formed some buttons by pressing his thumb into the mess a couple of times.

    2. It’s funny because this is the only thing which has actually prevented me from buying this car completely several times, and any other Porsche with this wheel. It reminds me of the bikini bottom area of a rather unattractive woman. That V with the frilly bits coming out the sides. It’s like there’s no thigh gap (which is fine), but there is also no definition or width, so it appears as a sharply angled v at the bottom. I know that’s probably wildly offensive, and who knows maybe in real life it would still be acceptable. But the demanding/spoilt part of me says, if you’re going to make your steering wheel look like a vagina, at least make it a really hot one.

  4. You are definitely right. They are great. I have the 2013 Cayenne GTS and puts it on sports all the time. I have one issue. Sometimes when I drive on the highway, I hear a rattling sound like a can or bottle is under the car. I checked and don’t see anything. It might be something loose.

  5. Have a friend with a Touareg and as soon as you said what noise you had… yup… driveshaft. Same thing on his VW though his went earlier.

  6. Not bad. I’ve put 214520 on my 2011 Ford Focus with the only unplanned maintenance being motor mounts. Did those myself for $100. I call that a win.

  7. SUVs are not German performance cars. They are gigantic 4-seat hatchbacks. Surprising to hear the Porsche PR nonsense coming from a lotus guy.

  8. Great series! Please let me know why you recommend away from the Turbo. I have a 2011 4.8 Cayenne Turbo and love the way it drives and sounds with the throbbing V8. I had one issue fixed under warranty but other than that it’s been reliable and fun with 500hp…


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